Support/Self-Help Groups

In a support group, people who are going through the same problem or sickness meet to share their experiences and advice. Managing diabetes can sometimes last your whole life. You don’t have to deal with it alone. Going to a support group with other diabetes patients can give you a chance to talk about your experience and listen to others who may be dealing with some of the same issues you are.

Some benefits of joining a support group include:

  • Feeling less lonely or judged
  • Feeling in control
  • Improving your coping skills 
  • Talking honestly about your feelings
  • Decreasing stress and anxiety
  • Getting advice on treatment options
  • Understanding your situation with diabetes better
  • Sharing information about doctors and other resources 

A support group doesn’t take the place of your regular diabetes care, but it can be an important part of helping you deal with the disease and connect with others.

Find diabetes support groups in your area.