Prevention Strategies

Increase your physical activity

You may be able to delay or prevent type 2 diabetes with physical activity like walking. Being active is one of the best ways to delay or prevent type 2 diabetes. It can also lower your weight and blood pressure, and improve cholesterol levels. Ask your healthcare team about safe ways for you to become more active.

One way to be more active is to try to walk for half an hour, five days a week. If you don’t have 30 minutes all at once, take shorter walks during the day. Explore other ways to be more active.

Lose weight

If the risk assessment shows that your BMI is at a level that increases your risk of diabetes, losing even a few pounds can improve your health. Try changing your diet or exercise habits to get your BMI to a healthy place.

Make healthy choices

You can make small changes to your diet to change the way you eat.

  • Cut back on soda and sugary drinks. Substitute these for water or calorie-free drinks.
  • Choose snacks that are lower in calories and avoid foods that are heavy in calories, fat or sugar.
  • Eat smaller servings of your food or share a main dish at restaurants with friends and family or save half of it for later.
  • You can make at-home meals healthier by choosing to prepare them in different ways. For example, try roasting, grilling, broiling, steaming or baking instead of deep-frying or pan-frying.
  • Use small amounts of oil and avoid butter, lard or shortening.
  • Choose fish at least twice a week.
  • Avoid high-fat and processed meats and choose lean meats like chicken.
  • Eat desserts in moderation.

Diabetes is a serious disease—if you delay or prevent it, you’ll enjoy better long-term health. You can reduce your risk by living a healthier lifestyle and making small changes. Get checked if you are at an increased risk for diabetes. Ask your doctor about getting tested at your next visit.