Community Health Needs Assessment Initiative (CHNA)

Parkland’s diabetes, blood pressure and behavioral health programs are coming to a location near you! Our team of diabetes care and education specialists, social worker, nurse, dietitian, and behavioral health personnel are offering classes to help our community live well. We want to help our community with healthy lifestyle goals to prevent or take care of your diabetes and blood pressure, as well support healthy coping and wellbeing. We are currently serving 75210, 75211, 75215, 75216, 75217, and 75241. Classes will cover the topics below:

  • What is diabetes and why is it important to take care of it?
  • What can you do to take care of your health?
  • Healthy eating- label reading-smart shopping-quick, budget friendly recipes
  • Moving your body- Exercise
  • Understanding and managing stress
  • Healthy coping skills
  • Support groups
  • Medications- understanding, getting, using them correctly
  • Foot care- how to take care of your feet and what to do if you have a wound or blister
  • Checking your blood pressure and blood sugar at home
  • Using home testing to keep track of your health
  • Problem solving for health
  • How to navigate health care and the health care system
View the upcoming class schedules:
For more information contact: P: 214.266.2026 P: 214.266.2007