How to Fill a Pill Box

Everyone forgets things sometimes. Unfortunately, for people managing diabetes, the consequences of forgetting your medicines can be dangerous. People with diabetes have a lot to remember so it’s no surprise that sometimes things get overlooked. One of the most common ways to manage your medications is to use a pillbox. You can find pillboxes at most major grocery stores or even at some pharmacies.

Here are tips on filling your pillbox:

  • Refill your pill organizer before it’s completely empty.
  • Gather all of the medications you take. Read the instructions on the bottles and write a list.
  • Fill the pill box according to the list you wrote. Make sure that you have the same pills in each day.
  • Check to see if you are going to be out of any medications next time you refill the pill box. Reorder as soon as you can.

Keep your pillbox visible and easily accessible so that you are less likely to forget about them. Set reminders in your phone or leave post-it notes on your mirror.

How to Fill a Pill Box