Parkland News Flash - March 15, 2018

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Early detection is key in preventing colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S., responsible for more than 50,000 deaths every year. WFAA-TV (ABC) talked to Christian Mayorga, MD, Parkland Clinical Chief of Digestive and Liver Diseases and Senior Medical Director, Medical Specialty Services, about the importance of timely screenings for preventing the disease.

Are you gaining weight? It could be your metabolism

Is a slow metabolism to blame for your weight gain? Luigi Meneghini, MD, executive director of Parkland's Global Diabetes Program, talked to KERA-FM about the effects of metabolism on weight. Dr. Meneghini offered tips on what to do if your metabolism starts slowing down and how to maintain a healthy weight.

Can souping help you lose weight?

New research suggests that eating soup before a meal can help you lose weight. Parkland registered dietitian Sharon Cox sat down with WFAA-TV (ABC) to talk about using soup for weight loss and a new trend called 'souping.' She talked about the health implications of souping as well as healthy ways to include soup in a weight loss meal plan.

How to prevent diabetes

Some lifestyle habits can raise your risk of developing diabetes. There are also some things you can't change that affect your risk. Knowing about these risk factors can help you take smart steps to live a healthier life. Watch the video to learn what steps you can take to prevent diabetes.