Parkland News Flash - Feb. 15, 2018

Great things happen every day at Parkland. The Parkland News Flash is our way to share the positive news about Parkland's premier services and showcase our participation in upcoming public events. We welcome you to share this biweekly e-newsletter on your Facebook page or forward it to your friends, family and neighbors so they can see the vital role Parkland plays in keeping our community healthy.

Healthy heart education

February is all about hearts, but not just for Valentine’s Day. Parkland experts took advantage of the month to educate about heart health. Satyam Sarma, MD talked about warning signs and symptoms with KTVT-TV (CBS). James de Lemos, MD talked about the ABC’s of heart health – types of heart problems, who’s at higher risk and symptoms with WFAA-TV (ABC). Margaret Bryant, PT, shared tips about heart-healthy physical activity with WFAA-TV (ABC).

Cutting-edge heart attack test

Some 5 million people arrive in the ER each year with symptoms similar to a heart attack. Parkland is one of the first hospitals in the country to use a new test to diagnose heart attacks, according to KDFW-TV (Fox). The test provides more precise, as well as faster results, according to D Healthcare Daily.

Fighting the flu

Susana Lazarte, MD talked with KUVN-TV (Univision) about the flu in North Texas. She also spoke with KXTX-TV (Telemundo) about possible complications and how to prevent the flu. In addition, WFAA-TV (ABC) asked about whether you should change your toothbrush when sick.

Unique correctional health training program

Parkland’s Correctional Health Nursing Residency program is a unique training program in which nurses train to treat a full range of correctional health issues ranging from chronic disease to psychiatric illness, according to D Healthcare Daily.