Parkland and WFAA-TV (ABC) team up for 4-week series during American Heart Month

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the U.S. In recognition of American Hearth Month, WFAA-TV (ABC) invited Parkland health experts to talk about heart health. In case you missed it, get the summary in this week's News Flash.

The basics of heart health

WFAA-TV (ABC) sat down with James de Lemos, MD, chief of Cardiology at Parkland, to discuss the ABCs of heart health. Watch this segment to learn about risk factors, heart attack symptoms and how to boost your heart health.

Exercise tips for couch potatoes

Are you a couch potato? An active lifestyle is important to maintaining a healthy heart. Margaret Bryant, physical therapist shared some simple exercises on WFAA-TV (ABC) that you can do in your living room. Learn how you can get your heart pumping with just a little effort.

Women at-risk for heart disease

The number one killer of women is heart disease. Cardiologist Shawna Nesbitt, MD, told WFAA-TV (ABC) about the benefit of cardiac stress tests for assessing the health of your heart. Learn about the signs you should be looking for to determine whether you should have a stress test.

Can an aspirin a day keep heart disease away?

Millions of Americans are taking aspirin to help their heart. But is it as helpful as claims suggest? Sandeep Das, MD, Parkland cardiologist, discussed the latest research on WFAA-TV (ABC) about potential benefits of aspirin on heart health.

Eat heart healthy

Looking for healthy and delicious foods to eat? Parkland's Executive Chef Andrea Piper shared her expertise on preparing meals at home that will improve your heart health. Watch the video to learn more and check out other healthy recipes on