Traveling with diabetes

Traveling with diabetes

If you have diabetes, traveling can be a stress-free experience with a little planning. Whether you are going out of town to visit relatives or going on vacation, Parkland experts offer the following tips to keep you healthy:

  • Check with your doctor for any changes to your medicines, make sure your immunizations are up to date and renew your prescriptions 
  • Find out where emergency services are located and wear your Medical Alert Identification where it can be easily seen
  • Keep your diabetes supplies with you, not in your checked luggage. Pack at least twice the amount of supplies you think you will need
  • Keep insulin cool with an ice pack 
  • Talk to your doctor about how to take your insulin if you will be changing time zones
  • If you are driving, stop often and walk. If you are on a plane or train, get up and move around as much as you can
  • Bring snacks you can eat if your blood sugar drops or if you don’t eat meals on time
  • Beat the heat by drinking lots of water, wearing protective clothing and a hat and using sunscreen 
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes and soft cotton socks that keep your feet dry so you don’t get an infection. Wear white socks so you can tell if you have any cuts or wounds on your feet
  • Make a plan on what you will do if there are any schedule changes or delays

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