Healthy habits for kids

Healthy habits for kids

Teaching your child healthy habits early in life will help their body stay healthy as they get older. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Be a good example. If your kids see you trying to eat healthy and being active most of the time, they will learn that good health is important to the family. 
  • Get the whole family to move. Plan times for everyone to do something together, like taking a walk, riding bikes, or playing hide-and-seek inside or outside the house. 
  • Cut TV, video game and computer time. These things make kids sit and snack more, which can increase the chance of gaining too much weight. 
  • Pick rewards carefully. Don’t reward children with TV, candy or snacks. Find other ways to show them you’re proud of their good behavior. 
  • Have dinner as a family. Get your kids to help with cooking and planning meals so there’s less chance they will eat unhealthy foods. 

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