Halloween doesn't have to be a terror with diabetes

Halloween doesn't have to be a terror with diabetes
Between trick-or-treating, parties, and festivals, Halloween can be quite the nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be such a terror.

You can enjoy Halloween treats in moderation, but keep in mind there’s more to October 31st than binge-eating candy.

Here are some tips for celebrating this spooky holiday without sending your glucose levels sky high.


Choose two items that you want to have and commit to eating those items only. Sometimes, we indulge in treats just because they’re there. Not because we actually like them. If you limit yourself to only eating your favorite candy, you’ll likely do less damage.

Start a new tradition

Take the focus off of candy by encouraging arts and crafts projects, pumpkin carving/painting contests, watching a Halloween movie, visiting a haunted house, or going on a hayride. This is a great way to create memories that don’t involve food.

Do some good

Donate the extra candy to community groups. Treats for Troops is an organization that gives treats to our brave troops. Maybe donating candy for a good cause will make you feel a little better about resisting.

Seek alternatives

It’s possible to have fun treats that don’t have a concentrated source of sugar. Popcorn and nuts are some alternative options that are available.

Halloween with Diabetes

Whatever tips you decide to implement this Halloween, try to remind yourself that it’s all for a good cause. Keeping your diabetes in control will be worth it!


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