From teens to adults: taking care of diabetes

From teens to adults: taking care of diabetes

Learning to care for diabetes can be hard for teenagers who are about to become adults. They’re used to their parents helping with things like making appointments, taking medicine and watching their blood sugar. 

Parkland experts say if you have a child with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, it’s important to help them learn how to take over their care when they’re young so they are ready when they become adults. 

  • Teach your child early to speak to their doctor and ask questions at each visit.
  • Help young children make decisions in their diabetes care, like which finger they want to prick for their blood sugar test. 
  • Take older children with you to the pharmacy and teach them how to refill prescriptions.
  • Show older children how to fill out medical forms and schedule appointments. 

If you have a child in college, go to for resources to help with diabetes care at college and at work. 


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