Diabetes can hurt your eyes

Diabetes can hurt your eyes

If you have diabetes and don’t control your blood sugar, you could end up with serious problems with your eyes. The longer you have diabetes, the higher your chance of having eye problems.  It’s important to get your eyes checked at least once every year before you have signs of losing your eyesight or getting an eye disease. 

See an eye doctor if you notice any of these problems with your eyes:

  • Your eyes get blurry.
  • You have trouble reading signs or books.
  • You see double.
  • One or both of your eyes hurt.
  • Your eyes get red and stay that way.
  • You feel pressure in your eye.
  • You see spots or things floating.
  • Straight lines look crooked.
  • You can’t see things from the side of your eye like you used to.

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